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Health Economic & Outcomes Research

Economic Evaluation Studies

Our services in Health Economic & Outcomes Research include:

High-quality economic evaluations are key success factors for market access and product reimbursement.

We have long-term expertise in all types of economic evaluations as proven by our numerous publications:

Cost-Consequence Analyses
Through cost-consequence analysis the outcomes are reported separately from costs. Cost-consequence analysis presents the costs and consequences of numerous intercessions and the results are declared in a disconnected method and are not combined with costs.
Cost-Minimization Analyses
Cost-minimization analyses compares the costs of alternative interventions that have equal effects. In Health care sector, through cost-minimization analysis is determined the lowest cost therapy after the proposed drug has been established to be no more detrimental than its main competitor(s) regarding capability and toxicity.
Cost-Effectiveness/Cost-Utility Analyses
Through cost-effectiveness models it is easy to predict the costs and effectiveness of an intervention based on the best available evidence. They compare the value of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, procedures, or diagnostics by quantifying the cost per unit of effectiveness. EconCare’s experts have extensive experience in designing models, developing everything from simple decision tree models to complex Markov models. Our modelers work with our clients and help them decide on the solution for their particular needs in order to support their product’s unique value story.
Budget Impact Analyses
Budget impact models quantity the cost of adoption and diffusion of a new health-care intervention (drug or medical device) within a specific health-care setting. Through Budget impact models we can predict how a change in the mix of drugs or therapies is able to affect the overall spending. EconCare's modeling team can help you develop a budget impact model that captures all the economic benefits of your product, including reduced administration costs, medical cost offsets, and reductions in adverse event rates. We have an extensive experience in developing high quality budget impact models for your dossier with enhanced graphics, navigation, and macros We can work with you to meet your specific needs and provide you a credible and flexible model.
Disease Burden Models
There is growing interest in the disease burden models, since they are able to quantify the clinical and economic burden of a disease and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of several treatments. EconCare's modeling team can help you to put a disease on the radar screen of payers by showing the full economic costs associated with the disease.
Multiple Criteria Decision Analyses
The multiple criteria decision analysis has a key role in healthcare research, since decision-makers use multiple criteria when making decisions. It is important to estimate the impact of all the criteria applied and the relative importance on any decision. Our team combines several methods in order to provide you a tool that helps you compare, prioritize and select from your alternatives.

According to the needs of each project, we can:

  • develop credible, user-friendly economic models from simple decision tree models to complex Markov models, 
  • adapt existing economic models for markets in Greece and abroad,
  • perform economic evaluations along with clinical trials,
  • conduct prospective economic evaluations in real-life settings,
  • develop cost calculators.

    After completing the development or adaptation of an economic model, our multidisciplinary team can optimally continue supporting our clients to:

    • Stress test the model with payers
    • Develop publications to promote the results
    • Create a value dossier
    • Extend the reach of  product value messages with managed markets agency services
    • Develop an effective reimbursement strategy