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26 March 2024

Diving Medicine: An Exciting Journey Through Time and Future Prospects

Lampropoulou DI, Papageorgiou D, Pliakou E. Cureus. 2024 Mar 26; Volume 16, Issue 3.

Humans, led by their eternal wish to explore the unknown, have always wanted to perfect their diving skills and conquer the sea world. The adverse conditions experienced by divers brought about medical problems and a new field of medicine. Diving medicine serves the identification, treatment, and precautions against illnesses that are related to diving activities. While the development of diving equipment is advancing, divers have had the chance to reach greater depths for a longer time. Along with this success, a novel medical condition under the term 'decompression illness' (DCI) was introduced. Although the history of hyperbaric medicine is very long, progress in the field of mechanics has offered great contributions to the management of the disease. The first attempt at DCI guidelines was made by the US Navy in 1944-1945 and resulted in the creation of hyperbaric treatment tables. These tools received international recognition, offering a major advance. Hyperbaric-Diving Medicine holds an important place in modern medical science nowadays with indications for various diseases. At the same time, there is great scientific interest and a lot of research in the use of hyperbaric oxygen for several medical disorders, demonstrating great potential.